Ownership:Forum (100%)
Stage:Early Stage Exploration
Size:11,067 ha; Acquired by staking in 2020
Location &
The property is located 10 km south of the Rabbit Lake uranium, and immediately east of the all-weather road to the Rabbit Lake and McClean Lake uranium processing plants. Easy access, with power readily available.
The Wollaston Uranium Project is located along the east margin of the Athabasca sandstone basin and boasts both road and power access, along with its close proximity to two uranium mills and ten mines/deposits within 35km of the property.
Proximity to

The target mineralization is shallow, basement-hosted uranium similar to the Eagle Point deposit (140,000,000 lbs. uranium) found on the eastern edge of the Athabasca basin within the Rabbit Lake uranium mine district within 25km to the north.


  • A compilation of historic drilling, geophysics and prospecting on the project have outlined over 30km of prospective conductive trends, several unexplained uranium boulder trains on surface and a number of untested drill targets.

Work Programs for 2021

  • In April, Forum commenced a gravity survey to identify areas of alteration associated with uranium mineralization within three north-south gravity grids along a number of electromagnetic (EM) conductors on the project. The survey was only partially completed due to an early spring break-up, and will be completed this fall.

Wollaston Lake:  Priority survey grids to be evaluated by 2021 gravity survey

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