Exploring for Uranium in Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin

Forum is a uranium explorer searching for high-grade deposits in Saskatchewan’s Athabasca Basin, the most valuable uranium real estate in the world. The richest and highest grade uranium mines are found here. Saskatchewan supplies over 20% of all annual uranium mine production.

Forum’s exploration properties are located at or near the edge of the Basin boundary. Properties have been selected based on their proximity to known uranium deposits or occurrences and are associated with major nearby deposits or major structures directly within the project. The Company’s exploration model is based on near-surface uranium mineralization.

Forum has several 100% owned projects, while others have been joint ventured with partners including: Cameco, AREVA, NexGen, Rio Tinto and Uracan.

Thelon Basin

The geological potential of the Thelon Basin is similar to the Athabasca Basin, but is underexplored: the 133M lb. Kiggavik Deposit owned by AREVA is found here. Forum’s North Thelon project, which includes mineral claims on Crown land and Inuit-Owned land, is located adjacent to the Kiggavik project. This project is currently on care-and-maintenance, while Forum focuses on higher priority projects in the Athabasca Basin.

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